5 Facebook Secrets You Might Not Known

Social media rule current world by bring the update news and other new invention to the people on the same day. Here the Facebook comes at the first and foremost though of the every people and it built with the number of great features, which might use at easy way. On other hand, you can see the 5-facebook secrets you might not know below.

  • Find out who you are mostly linked to :

Even facebook user wants to know who are all connect with you and it is simple to find out. Just you must right click your page on timeline and click the View Page source. Then pull the freakly looking code on the top of the page, but you must not go away screaming. Rather then, you click the CTRL +F which support brings out the search box as well as the type of the Initial Chat FreindList.

  • Create a Fake comment threads :

The Wall Machine is connect and add the comment, so you have to connect the facebook page and then find out the looking the Wall machine. It has all thing on there is well customizable from text right down to the same icon, therefore you can go nut.

  • Make own chat emoticons :

To have emoticon picture, you just make double brackets on the around the user name that you have an image on your profile. When you need to say, and need to user, just type “[[bustledotcome]] before click enter. To know the shortcut click out to remove and replace listing and it has shortcuts for all type of Rage comic face. However, it trick works in the chat but not in the regular message.

  • Collect whole entire facebook history:

To collect face book data just go to setting and then General account setting.  Here you can find out the list f the setting and you must find out the link that has “Download copy of Facebook data” then click to download in the fine manner.

5 Search out who unfriended you from the facebook profile:

here you can go with “ who.Deleted.Me” will provide exact detail on your who will unfriended  as well as help to find out when  unfriended from the list  so it will be more comfortable for the face book user to gather details in simple and effective manner.

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