About Us

What’s real name?

Mahankali Anjaneyulu

Where are you from?

India, Hyderabad city

 What do you do?

I am an seo analyst ,online scientist, professional blogger

What’s your experience?

6 years of Experience in same SEO Industry

How long have you been doing this?

Since 6 years, when i was in my degree ( B.S.C) final year

What is your Qualification?


How to contact you?

Use contact us page, available on our website to contact me

 What happened to you

Lost my first investment Around 15 lakhs due to google panda update. A big disaster for me. And almost all over world seo companies got deindexed their website. due to that i lost my all clients too.

 How you succeeded

Still struggling to get sucess in blogging, again started with new ideas, and new implementation

 How you started off

I much interested to make money online using internet, whenever i get time, i just spent my total time in internet cafe, i always search for making money online in all ways. But i have failed to make money using internet.

One fine day we met with a friend who is working in SEO Company, Normally he shared his ideas about the work he is doing in SEO Company. So i got an idea to implement his ideas in to work, so started first work by gathering 1 P4 system, one of neighbor shared internet for our work, and took a small room on rent, and started working on SEO. Next other day luckily we have got an client who is ready to pay us 300$ per month, which comes in INR: 18000 .We felt happy and started working for him without knowledge, but struggled a lot to learn everything, but finally we succeed and started making good amount in the start itself. Slowly From the amount,which we are getting , we just started increase our systems ( PC). And started offering more and more services to our more clients. After 6 months we have around 4 pcs with us, started hiring employees and worked day and night shift to make handsome money.

One fine day i got an idea, why don’t we start our own sites ,then We have put together much money and started investing in our own sites. Our sites started ranking and received around 5k traffic per day from each site. We are much happy to see it and received around 60$ with in half day in my absence account. But unfortunately Google next day just announced “Google panda”, where we lost ranking and few sites deindexed.  Upcourse not only me, complete all seo webmaster got hit by google panda update. It took for us around 1 year to get out from this big loss. Finally again found the best client for long term work and again started making good money.

Now again started investing on our websites so started this website Now we have good experience , so hope i can win the race this time. Hope for the best.