How to Download and book an Ola cab from a mobile app?

How to Download Ola App from Play store App?

First Point to book OLA cab you will be needing OLA application on your Andriod phone or smartphone. First of all download the app from the play store application which is available in your Mobile phone.

how to download ola cab in mobile

 2. If You are Old user enter your login details: Now Just get started and you will be seeing the two options “Login” and “Register”.

How to download ola app in mobile


 3. If you are Old or Existing User: Click on Login You will get a form to login with your old credentials like 10 digit mobile number or email and it will ask for password, screen shot below Check it.

Download ola app in mobile


 4. If You Are New user register your self: Get yourself registered on OLA using Mobile number, Email Address, Name, and Password, its just simple and easy steps to get Register.

Download Ola App in mobile in simple steps


 5. Ola Cab Coupons: Ola cab always provide new coupon codes for every ride,especially for new customers, search them on the internet with the keyword “ Ola cab Coupons” You will get good discount offers like Rs. 50 off, 100 off, some times 50% off. Use coupons and apply  at coupons option.

How to use coupons: On the left hand top corner, there will be 3 lines, click on it,it will display all the options like :

  1. Join Ola Select
  2. Ola Share Pass
  3. Book Your Ride
  4. Your Rides
  5. Rate Card
  6. Ola MOney
  7. Payments
  8. Offers & Free Rides
  9. Notifications
  10. Emergency Contacts
  11. Support
  12. Emergency Contacts
  13. Support


6. Click on Offers & Free Rides, it will display coupons if we have on our account like below


Using above options we can find any thing like Ola Money, payments, support etc..

 7. Now Select your current or Pickup From location: Select your Pickup From location for the survey of getting list of all OLA cabs available in that particular location.

Example : Pickup Location : KPHB

Drop Location: Gachibowli


 8.Now Enter your drop location: It will show different types of cars , select any car according to our convenience.  Types of cars available in ola cab services are :

  1. Prime Sedan
  2. Prime Play
  3. Prime Suv

And also there are different services available like sharing, auto, Mini etc.


  1. Auto
  2. Micro
  3. Share
  4. Mini
  5. Prime
  6. Rentals

Recently Two Services implemented by Ola

  1. Auto
  2. Rentals

Ride an Ola Auto at Rs. 29 for 4 kmola auto

Get riding everywhere in an Ola Auto at Flat Rs.29 for 4km. No code required. It is valid in selected cities only. It is a limited period offer.

Now Book your cab: you will see the option  “RIDE NOW” option in the bottom. Click on “RIDE NOW” to book the ride. Then You Will Receive the driver details on phone: After clicking ride now you will instantly get confirmation of the driver and its details Like Driver Phone, Car Vehicle Number, Time of Arrival on your mobile phone and in App.

 9. After Booking ola Cab: Probably it takes 2- 5 mins to Reach to your address, Ones cab arrived, driver will ask for confirmation code to get started, ones we confirm with the code, he will start Ride from your address to your desire Location.

 10. After Reaching Destination: You will get total amount for the ride in the app, you can pay via ola money or Direct Cash to hand.

  1. Complete Details we can find in the app like Time taken for the journey, kilometres, Amount for the Ride etc.

12. Ola One of the best safest cab in India


Find below Video how to book Ola cab using Ola Mobile App:



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