Dual sim mobiles below 5000

Today, the world is being ruled by the mobile phones. For the past few years, the usage of mobile phones is widely increased. Apart from the communication purpose, the mobile phone is used for many purposes today such as the internet, playing games etc. However, the main concept behind the invention of the mobile phone is communication. The mobile phone price ranges from low to high because of its design, features, and specification. New models of mobile phones release in the mobile market daily. Once upon a time, there was a myth present over the people that are only the rich people has the rights to own the phone. However, today the scenario changed a lot everyone has the mobile phone at his or her price of the mobile only different. Even, poor people has the mobile phone but with the limited usability. In India, there are more than hundred cores active mobile connection users present. These active users make the India hotspot as the boom for the telecom industry.

In the world Smartphone market, India is one of the fastest growing countries. Due to increased number of users as well as everyone need to use mobile phones, the mobile phone companies are ready to manufacture low-cost mobile with all kinds of the facilities. This satisfies the needs of the middle-class peoples and those feel a lot that not to have a mobile phone like others. Even, the mobile companies manufacture low cost mobile phones it satisfies all the needs of the people because it has the ability to access two sim, the internet, play games, camera (both front and back) and so on. India also supports the mobile companies to manufacture low-cost mobile phones with innovative features, 3G connectivity, dual sim support, free-multitasking, high Battery power, and so on.

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