Energy free AC without power

Air conditioning device is must in everyone’s home for reducing the heat and make the users body temperature cool and relax but the air conditioning cost of price more expensive for both buy and to run.  And most importantly if it gets any problems of repair and damage the repair cost is also too expensive. People can’t able to live in a summer season without air conditioner but most of times the air conditioner gets repair in the summer season so people get worry about that. Now you no need to worry about that because the great and smart idea is available for you that is using the energy free air conditioning without the use of electrical power.  You can use it in your home without the help of power and also you can make it yourselves without spending money for this.  It takes just five to ten minutes to make it ready and fixed it in your home.  You just need a board and some plastic bottles for making the energy free AC.  You just drill in the board big enough to push a plastic neck through and cut the plastic bottles half of the part then fixed those bottles on the board then the energy free air conditioning is ready.

Benefits of using energy free AC :

There are lots and lots of benefits are available to use this AC like

  • You no need to spend money and energy to use this
  • It does not make any fire and pollution
  • You can make it yourselves
  • And you no need to use the electrical power to handle this air conditioning
  • You can escape from the summer season with the help of energy free air conditioning
  • Simple to use without any problems


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