Five Ways to Turn Your Old Android Phone Into a Brand New Gadget

With new mobile devices fall out each and every week, the Android handsets are not going out of fashion in anytime. After buying the new appliance, lot of peoples were sell off of the old phone handset. If there were many personal data on your smartphone, whether you don’t feel too secure your device to somebody else then there were some ideas that you can use the old smartphone for alternately with the best apps.

  • Cash Dash Cam:

Whether you owe a new car and you are looking for spare a smartphone in your vehicle, and then you set up the cash dash cam. The best and first things that you should consider are the smartphone cradle. You should install this app that is a provider on the market. This app will help you to record from the front and the rear cameras at the same time.

  • Timelapse:

It is the photography technique it helps to shoot some frames at per hour. If you are alternatively tying this up to your smartphone, the old phone is loaded with the best Timelapse app as the lapse. It helps to test the creative side.

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  • Scientific Research:

This may be the best for the old Android phone. If you are installing the BOINC app, then you must be the part of the crowd-sourced of computing initiative which the powers complex of scientific research. This can help you to share the mobile phone computing power of different actions that are gravitational wave detector, Search for the extraterrestrial intelligence, and fighting diseases.

  • Digital Photo Frame:

First, you must order the tablet stand in online and then install the digital best photo frame application. On the Android phone, you can check out the photo frames that are a fee, but that must be add supported. The next process is set it up and connects the frame to the power source. If you do this process, then you don’t worry about your battery anymore.

  • Media Player:

Turn the tablet into the media player that will help to play nice along music system and Television. Use the popular apps that may be MX player, Kodi, VLC or any other.



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