How to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS on Android Phone

Almost many of you face the problem of getting calls and SMS from anonymous numbers. However, this cannot be a big issue but sometimes it leads to the big issue. In order to avoid getting calls and SMS from unwanted numbers, you have to block those numbers on your Smartphone or make some settings not to get those calls and SMS. Apart from this reason, there are many reasons for blocking the unwanted calls and SMS. In this article, you will see two different methods for block unwanted calls and messages.

Method 1:-

The first method for block unwanted calls and messages are using the simple built-in blocking features on your android device. Every android device has the built-in call as well as message blocking features.

How to block calls:

To enable this blocking feature, first, you need to click your Smartphone button in order to make the call. Now, click the menu button and select the blocked or reject callers. Long press the menu to add callers whom you want to block that enough you will not get the call from those numbers.

How to block SMS:

If you want to block SMS from the unwanted number, then go to message icon and click settings. In that, you will see the options block or spam messages and click the menu. Here, you can add those number from you do not want to get SMS.

Method 2:-

You can download the best app from the google play store to block unwanted calls and messages on your Smartphone. If you are not satisfied with your Smartphone inbuilt blocking feature, then you can download the third party app from the play store. Go to the google play store and download the blocking app. Then, install the app onto your Smartphone, open and follow the instructions provided by the app to block calls and SMS.

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