How To Connect Whatsapp To PC?

Whatsapp is one of the best famous cross-platform for the messaging app so many of them use this whatsapp for chatting, sending photos and so on. It is a mobile messaging application which allows you to swap over the messages through the same internet data design for email and web browsing but it is totally free. You can use the Whatsapp on any type of devices like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows phone and Nokia because it has the multi-platform. It has become the most popular messaging area all around the world because it uses your phone’s Internet connection to transfer the messages so you can eliminate SMS fees. It will keep in touch with the groups of people such your friends or family so you can share the messages, photos, and videos from the groups. All the tools provided by Whatsapp are very easy and simple to use and it automatically imports the contacts from your phone who are using Whatsapp in your mobile contact.

Steps to connect whatsapp in pc

Whatsapp is used to share your location, photos, status with your friends but you don’t want to spend any amount for communication and transferring with your groups. It also allows you to send hundred free messages per month to your friends those who are using Whatsapp. You can make your calls by visual for free to any of the Whatsapp user for direct chatting. You can make use these features by downloading and installing the app on the internet and can connect it to your personal computer.

  • Open the application store or play store but before this you have to update your Whatsapp application to the advanced technology.
  • Enter the official website by opening the Chrome
  • The screen will be display with QR code so you have note this code then leave this screen open.
  • Open the latest version Whatsapp application and choose Whatsapp web from the setting menu
  • Scan the QR code within the app so it will connect your phone to the webpage.
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