How to remove malware

The malware is designed to damage the computer without the user assent. It commonly accesses the computer device through via email, the internet and also access to a music file, video, game demo, free subscription, software, and others. There are many different types of the malware are available such a spyware, viruses, rootkits, adware, Trojan horses, and others. The malware is used to spread the virus in the device without the user knowledge. The rootkits and Trojans are the group’s malware, and they both seek to damage the device, and the Trojans are malignant software pretending the application of benign. The user thinks this is useful software, but this software spread the virus in the device. The rootkits technology is invented by the writer of the virus software to the conceal malware, and it could go unnoticed by the antivirus removal and detection software. The virus is a program to enter into the device and damage all the files, data’s, photos, videos and others. It also deletes the files, photos, a document from your device and the computer virus is a most dangerous than the computer worm and it makes delete or changes the data’s, files in your device. The malware is entered through downloads photo, video on the internet.

Steps to remove malware

  • Use protection- removes DVD, CD and unplugs the USB drives from your device.
  • Back-up all the important photos, videos, files, document for your device.
  • Download the malware scanner software.
  • Install the software on your device
  • Disconnect from the internet and the scan your device.
  • The malware scanner software found the malware and removed.
  • Restart your device and confirm the result of the anti-virus scanner and also check with another malware scanner program.
  • Update your OS, applications, files, browsers and others.
  • Reset all of your passwords.


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