How to stay safe and secure on Whatsapp

In a smartphone, Whatsapp is one of the best apps that are mostly used by the peoples on these days. It is the best communication tool, and it works well also with slower connections. If you are going to text someone and send an image to the group of peoples, then you pick the Whatsapp. Nowadays, most of the people are addicted on to the Whatsapp that they are using this app in the morning then the whole night. In this app, you can send messages, files, share pictures, audio, and videos.

  • Whatsapp Lock:

Whatsapp lock is highly recommended to put PIN or password that will protect your Whatsapp. The app does not provide such a function, but the third-party can do that so. If you are losses your smartphone, then this app will help to prevent some other else accessing from your chats. In Whatsapp, you can use apps to lock messenger and talk lock, Chat Secure, and a lock of Whatsapp.


  • Block the Whatsapp Images from appearing in Gallery:

Whether you don’t want anyone to see your Whatsapp images, then you lock the gallery with the following app. On Android devices, open the file explorer, go to the Whatsapp, media, Whatsapp Images and Whatsapp videos folder. You should create a file within each and every folder. These help you to stop your Android gallery.


  • Hide your last seen in Whatsapp:

If your friends, colleagues, and boss don’t want to see your last seen, then you go to Whatsapp settings to account and Privacy and then change your last seen to Nobody. If you turn to this, then you would not be able to see any other last seen.


  • Restrict access to profile picture:

If your profile picture in Whatsapp is public, some others can easily download your images from your Whatsapp profile. You just go to Whatsapp privacy and set your profile photo to share to My contacts.


  • Deactivate your Whatsapp when you lose your Smartphone:

Whatsapp can use at a time by one number on one device. When you are losing your smartphone, then you should deactivate your Whatsapp from your lost device. You should simple register with the same phone number on any other device with a replaced SIM. It helps to block the Whatsapp account on your lost device.


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