List Of 6 Richest And Professional Beggars In India

Though, India includes lots of individuals living below poverty line and the begging act that occurs as practiced and systemized correctly. There are many gangs located in every region as well as they come with a head which directs the entire group. All the incomes that they receive go the head, and it is how this works. It is vital to note that the rich people have got wealthier and begging individuals have come back on streets or other locations. They are the professional begging individuals of a fresh breed. It is a fact, as well as beggars, are doing it properly. Though, this price of writing will surely change the mind of every individual because it comes with a list of six professional and richest beggars in India.

  1. Bharat Jain

He is the richest beggar who is in India. The 49-year old person who works in Parel region located in Mumbai. He is not only having two apartments (70 lakhs), but he also rents the juice shop as well as earns 10K every month.

  1. Krishna Kumar Gite

In Mumbai, Krishna kumar begs close to Charni Road, and he owns a luxury flat (5 lakhs) at Nallasopara.

  1. Sarvatia Devi:

She stays behind the Ashok Cinemas located in Patna. She is a famous female beggar who pays about 36K as the insurance premium every year.

  1. Sambhaji Kale

In solapur, he owns a flat. Along with this, he also makes sure spending worth exactly thousands as well as around 50K in bank.

  1. Laxmi Das

She has started begging in the year of 1964 at Kolkata. She has invested her life begging process but has also saved what she could.

  1. Massu/Malana

He is the only beggar who takes auto-rickshaw to reach the begging spot as well as changes his outfits, begs for around eight to ten hours.


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