Marshmallow Android 6.0 Complete key features explained

In the modern life, everyone uses the smartphone for various purposes. The Google releases different operating system to the mobile user and now they release the marshmallow operating system to use the phone with the advanced technology. It is one of the best versions to use in the mobile phone and gives the amazing performance to the user when compared to another operating system. The android marshmallow is the extension of the lollipop version and provides more tips and updates on the phone. The Google release the operating system for every year with the advanced technology. This operating system is used to save the battery life of the smartphone.

Features of the marshmallow:

Now on tap:

The now on tap is one of the immediate featuring to visible the important content on the phone. It will scan the related details and displays on your screen. This is focused on the context of the understanding the information.

System UI tunner:

This is available on the top of the screen to check the status details. It is used to tray and selects the other things and increase the battery percentage of the phone.

Slight change lock screen:

It is different from the lollipop and displays the shortcuts of the camera and you can also replace the app with the voice process. The lock screen gives more important than making calling to the people.

Clear permission system:

The marshmallow app gives the effective and how to use in an easy way. These features give the location, storage, microphone, contacts are available. The user can configure the settings of this operating easily and quickly to access the phone than the other operating system.

USB type-C:

This holds the connection and supports the connection to provide more benefits to the user. The user can charge the phone with any device with the USB. If you are planning to buy a phone choose the marshmallow version.



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