Reliable steps on transaction process undertaken by every banking sector

Everyone loves the internet banking which gives you the freedom of transferring the money from one account to another account. Without entering the banks, the online transaction made easy for the users to do it. If you are looking for transaction process, it guides you to do the online banking which gives by step by step procedure for it. In this passage, some banks do the transaction process with the fixed amount stated in it.

SBI transaction process


Firstly, it helps you to assume the register the online banking to do it accordingly. You need to enter the login ID and password to get into the internet banking. You have to takes particular attention on the login ID which opens correctly.


  • Add it to a beneficiary account which keeps the accounts to transfer it to another account. So, your profile should be clicked by manage beneficiary, and you see three options in it.
  • If you want to transfer the money into the same bank, you can enter the IntraBank beneficiary
  • If you desire to transfer the money to 5 different states, you can use the State Bank beneficiary account
  • To transfer the money to different banks, you can use the Interbank beneficiary

Step 3

After that, the user has to enter the name, account number, branch address and other details.

Step 4

Finally, the user asks you to get OTP on your register mobile for verification purpose. However, the beneficiary approval may take up to one day.

Step 5

Once it is approved, you are ready to make money to transfer to the desired account. Go to payment option and enter the transfer button. You can choose your desired selection of type that was going to transfer.


HDFC transaction process

While entering the transaction process, there are some steps to be followed for starting the transaction process.

  • Log in to the account by entering the ID and password
  • Go to the fund transfer tab
  • Enter the beneficiary button and select the type that you want to do
  • Enter the credit card number or beneficiary account details
  • Select the IFSC code based on the branch named and address.
  • You have to remember the OTP which is used for verification process
  • Click the Add button and confirm the transaction process. Also, the authentication process will be automatically processed

ICIC Transaction process

It is developed especially which makes the customers guide according to the process undertake by the user.

They are providing full transparency option which makes the customers commit the best transaction guide for everyone. It accurately takes you to the next step which guides to start the transaction process in a simple manner.

Depend on the transaction type; you will feel free to register the account which is simple to access the money without any hassle. Also, the transaction process is very natural and thus providing proper procedures to follow quickly.


Axis Bank transaction process

In this one, the Axis bank is giving limited transaction amount up to 10 lakh. In fact, it has provided by charges as Rs. 95 and including with taxes. So, this provides the best approach to transfer the money on a limited basis.

On the other hand, the ATM withdrawal limit should not be exceeding above Rs.50000 per week. Also, it includes by tax rate after the limit level reached. Luckily, the first 5 ATM transactions are totally free which makes the users keep tracks on extra charges after that. So, this is useful for the users to undertake the best transaction process provided by this bank.

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