Six Things You Can Do On Android That You Cannot On an Iphone

Most of the people get confused and lot of debate on what are different thing that you will do on android and you cannot do on iphone. For this confusion, you just get into the article, which deliver right answer below.

  1. smarter calling and message

The true caller is app which can support to both android and iOS but the difference is the android mobile will support to seen the names who calling you and who text you also. However, in the iOS phone, it shows of the spam call along.

  1. Store to Google photos in the background :

This Google photos is great service, which provide the large amount of the backup support for the videos and photos. The iOS phone did not support to have reliable backup on photos at the time of the standby mode because it has no APIS for app. But the android phone is not only sync photos at the time of the phone is in the sleep mode even you can start rule to uploading at the time of getting charge .

  1. Run multiple app at once :

In the android phone, it allows the user to run the different app in the multi windows butin the Iphone you can go run the multi application. Then it will be great different over the two device.

  1. Record phone calls :

In the iphone, you can record the call, which prevent the call from the hackers and other third party user on the iOS. In the android phone, it is hard to install the apps rather than you can go automatic recorder option to record each incoming and outgoing call.

  1. Share with the multiple user

The android allow to share with number of the user since from the version of 5.0 Lollipop but in the iOS has not option to share with end number of the user. As result, provide the great security and support to user device

  1. Simple to handle file for easy attachment :

The android is simple and easy to handle large file as computer and it can root folder and store the file in from the folder structure. In the iOs, it never allows to save the file in the fine manner because it design and the file are completely encapsulated insider the app. Therefore, you can go the mail app and simply attach the major file in the fine manner.


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