The Top Best Apps for your Android Smartphone 2017

Whatsapp Messenger:

There are some groups for message apps is available in the play store; most of them have come after Whatsapp. In, Whatsapp many features are all offers to the users. Whatsapp provides to its users to share the photos, songs, text messages and also videos. You can also use the Whatsapp messengers to make voice calls that will depend on your network connection. Nowadays in the Whatsapp messenger, there also been established the video calls to the users.


The pocket is one of the essential apps for the users who are become to read more stuff on the network. In the pocket app, you can save your videos, articles and other web content that you can check later. The UI app is an excellent app, it is a beautiful and well-optimized app, and the app gives easy to view experience for your tablet and Android phone. The pocket app is the best companion for the commuter’s travelers.


Swift Key Keyboard:

In your android mobile, Google keyboard is not better for typing you the best experience then Android keyboard app is best that you want to download and install on your smartphone today. There are more features in swift key keyboard such as tracing, auto-correct and more number of themes to play with its features. The first keyboard is the word prediction engine is one of the best functions that have made the swift key keyboard stay on the device.


Trello is a good task manage Android smartphone app. If you are using this Trello app, you can specify your tasks around boards. The app uses a detailed card design that makes it easy to organize your tasks. The Trello app becomes with enough collaboration tools to share ideas between co-workers. The app experiences allow the workers to control and improve their work whether it is home related work or office work and it has earned the best android apps 2017.



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