This New OS Turns your Android Smartphone into a PC

Almost everyone carries the Smartphone with you wherever you want to go. Many of you think that the Smartphone works the personal computer then it is very useful for you in many situations. To satisfy your needs, a new operating system called Andromium OS introduced this turns your android phone into a fully-fledged personal computer.

What is Andromium operating system?

Andromium operating system creates the desktop environment for the Smartphone. This allows you to use all kinds of your android apps on a big screen like PC.  Andromium OS is similar to the chrome OS that it begins to support Smartphone apps on its desktop platform. Initially, Andromium OS launched eighteen months ago and it requires you to root your Smartphone rather than bring a new OS. In fact, Andromium OS is a kind of app that you download from the google play store and install on any kind of android phones. The main goal of this app is to create a desktop environment to the users in their android smartphones.

Need of Superbook:

Originally, Superbook launched on 2014, December by the team behind the Andromium OS. They started to work to find out the dock that able to connect your Smartphone to the monitor, mouse, keyboard etc to get the proper desktop experience. Unfortunately, the team not manufactures any dock to create the desktop environment for the Smartphone users. However, the team comes back with the other solution called the Superbook. The Superbook acts as the shell of your laptop into that you can plug your android Smartphone. You can connect your Smartphone with the Superbook via the USB cable rather than using the rear-mounted dock. Because of the Andromium OS, the Superbook works with any kind of smartphones manufacturers. Therefore, you can get the effective performance of your personal computer in your Smartphone.

Things needed to turn Smartphone into PC

Before you going to start, you need to have the following things with you.

  1. The Smartphone
  2. TV or monitor
  3. Keyboard
  4. Mouse
  5. Chromecast/Micracast device.
  6. OTG cable (if you use USB mouse or keyboard)

What are the smartphones works with Andromium?

The Andromium software designed to work with any kind of Smartphone platform but developer recommended some specification of the smartphones such as Google Nexus 5 and Sony Xperia Z1. The recommended specifications are the processor should equal or better than Snapdragon 800 and minimum two gigabytes RAM.

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