To Detect Dengue, Zika within 30 Mins Use Your Smartphone

Nowadays, in this modern world, there are many viruses are spreading which causes many diseases to the humans. Some of the virus could not even able to be found that it affects the body. If the viruses are found at the starting stage itself means then it is very much easier to cure it without any side effects. But some of the viruses like dengue, chikungunya, and zika could not able to be detected at the initial stage. This puts the human to suffer a lot from its effectiveness and also it will lead to a death. To stop all this harmful effect, researchers have found a technique to detect the dengue, zika within 30 minutes.

Initially, a big lab is needed to detect a virus and also it will take more time. This will cause the patient to wait for a longer period of time. In order to stop this and make a user-friendly process, the smartphone controlled diagnostic device of the battery operated device is developed. The smartphone camera sensor will replace the usage of labs by finding the virus very cleanly instead one can find with a naked eye. Generally, this device is developed based on the LAMP technology which means loop-mediated isothermal amplification. This will avoid the need of patient’s urine or blood for asample before testing.

Working of LAMP:

The LAMP will work very easily by placing the smartphone on the top of LAMP box. After placing, one can open the app for further process. Initially, the app will start to heat inorder to initiate the reaction of theLAMP. Within 30 minutes, the smartphone will provide the photographs of the sample. Then a now image will be analyzed by the app, which will determine the brightness and color of the glow that has produced from the reaction of LAMP.

Thus the smartphone will produce an effective result than a lab technician does.

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