Top 5 Must Have Smart Glasses for Stylish people

Smart glasses are the specially designed glasses that help people look stylish and cool. Due to this, they want to choose and wear the right type of smart class. Choosing the right smart glass is not a daunting task now because the following smart glasses collection makes the task much simpler. The smart pick helps you to get the desired stylish look.

  1. CastAR

It is an excellent smart glass that consists of two important things, including a stunning glass pair and surface for glasses to easily scan. The camera is located in the center of glasses which scans the surrounding. After that, it adjusts properly to protect pictures through the micro-projectors fixed on the top potion of frames. You can wear this smart glass to get all the benefits.

  1. Moverio BT-200

It is the latest technology headset that brings you a fantastic chance to watch the HD contents easily.  These kinds of smart glasses now come with a motion sensor, front-facing camera, GPS, projectors, microphone, compass and much more. The transparent glasses of this headset allow you to play games, watch videos and much more.

  1. GlassUp

It is the best type of smart glass that just projects in the monochrome mode instead of entire color to enhance the life duration of its battery. Along with this, it also properly projects the display into the vision field making it simpler to read the notifications.

  1. Atheer One

This glass is an ideal accessory to the tablet devices or smartphones. The smart glasses also promote the natural interaction, exactly where people can utilize their hand gestures for controlling it. The smart glasses include two displays.

  1. K-Glass

It is a hands-free and wearable display that includes a unique technology. These smart glasses focus on properly replicating the function of how human brains from the surroundings when brains receive the data from their eyes.


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