How to Get New Voter ID Card in Telangana

What is a Voter ID Card? and Why is it important to have a Voter ID Card?

Voter ID Card is an Indian identity document it will be issued by Election Commission Of India for the people who have reached the age of 18 and above, Which is very useful for identity proof purpose for all Indian Citizens at the time of casting their vote in the country’s Muncipal,state and national Elections. It is also very useful as Identity card for Address proof, Age Proof,and For applying for other govt related things. It is also called as Elctoral Photo ID Card(EPIC)

Documents required to get a New Voter ID Card Telangana

Listed below are the documents required to apply for a Voter ID card online:

  • Recent passport sized photographs.
  • Proof of address- passport/Aadhaar card/driving licence/ration card/bank passbook.
  • Proof of age (for applicants between the ages of 18and 21 years)- birth certificate/school certificate/PAN card/Aadhaar card/driving licence/bank or post office passbook.

Its very easy and quick registration process for residents of telangana, Residents of telanagana can apply for voter ID card Either offline or online in simple steps. Voter ID Card is an official valid ID Card for proof of address and other valuable identity related things.

Documents required for voter id card correction

1.Aadhar Card   (or)

2.  Driving Licence  (0r)

3. Passport .

Documents required for voter id address change

1.Aadhar Card   (or)

2.  Driving Licence  (0r)

3. Passport .

Documents required for voter id card after marriage
Use Form6 for New Enrollment of Voter Id
Use  form 7 for objection to inclusion of name
Use form 8 for correct your card
Use form 8A for Transpose Card

The following steps are involved in application of VoterID Card:

  1. Fill up Form6
  2. Take a Xerox of filled up form. This is required when you will submit the application at the nearest centre.
  3. Take an extra copy of photograph you attached on Form6.
  4. Attach photocopy of your existing voter card (if any).You will have to submit your existing voter card when you collect your new one.
  5. Attach DOB proof (X Class passing certificate).
  6. Attach photocopy of husband’s voter card.
  7. Attach Current utility bill for present address.
  8. In-case you want a name change, an affidavit of marriage or marriage certificate may be required.

While submitting the application, the officer may ask to show originals.
Please carry originals of all supporting documents.

Someone else can submit an application on applicant’s behalf.
But, for collection of voter card, the applicant must go in person to the concerned office.

Applicant will be asked to collect the voter card after 30 days from day of submitting the application.

Link your Aadhar Card with Voter Card here.
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To apply for a new Voter ID online, follow the steps given below:

  1. Login to the Telangana CEO website.
  2. Click on “E-Registration” and a drop down menu will appear.
  3. Select “Assembly Constituency”, and choose “Form-6” for new enrollment.
  4. You will be directed to the application form.


How to apply for Voter ID Card online in Telangana?

Process to change the address in Voter ID Card Online in Telangana

  1. Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Telangana and go to the ‘E-registration‘ tab on the top of the homepage.
  2. Select the ‘Assembly Constituency’ tab from the drop down menu and click on ‘Form 8-A’ from the options provided.

How to Apply for Voter ID Card Offline in Telangana

Telangana Government and Election Commissio has taken voter ID card Validation and new application as a initiative and started many stalls in every location wise, area wise and Mandel wise. Anyone can submit new voter id application offline in their respective stalls of their location.

Process of Voter ID Card Correction Online in Telangana

By using this links one can correct their voter id card online


Process of Voter ID Card Correction Offline in Telangana.

Directly submit application form with correct proof of correction needed and submit to the area wise stalls offline.

Process to change the address in Voter ID Card Online in Telangana

There is  link Visit:

Use above form and submit online with aadhar card proof for address change and submit it online. Just by single click.

Process to change the address in Voter ID Card Offline in Telangana

Submit Application Manually in Areawise respective stalls arranged by election commission,with correct address change proof like Aadhar Card or Driving Licence.

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