Work has started on India’s first, undersea bullet train project between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

Everyone likes to travel in train for longer distance. Now, India started the amazing project for the passenger to get more thrill to travel in train under the sea from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. They are drilling the solid condition with help of some advanced equipment. It is tested with the geophysical investigation and the geotechnical to undergo the full project to become excellent. The project cost includes the cost escalation, import duties and more. Eighty percent of the project will construct based on the loan which is provided by the Japan. The Japan will provide more technical and supports are provided to finish the project in a good manner. Riding with the train undersea gives more beautiful to traveling and more excitement to the passengers. The maximum speed of the train is three fifty kilometer per hour for the upcoming projects they are planned to connect two metropolis on the train.

Now the railway ministry releases the official statement of the project. In the statement, they describe to remove the rocks and solid below seventy feet which are tested by the geotechnical. Constructing the railway project undersea is complex, the prime minister asks funds to execute the project to some countries. The approximate cost of this upcoming project in one lakh core the japan gives their agreed fund to India. The interest rate of the japan funding is 0.1% they will provide the interest rate for fifty years. The repayment of the amount up to fifteen years and now the test will cover twenty-one kilometer on the underground between virar and thane. The geo investigation is used in the project to give certain bearing capacity below seventy feet at the sea. This project is used to travel by the train in seven hours from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. The process of the project is used to construct the track for high speed rail.

Benefits of undersea train project:

It is the first time to create a track on the sea which is constructed under the sea. Traveling from Mumbai to Ahmedabad is too longer to reach with the help of this train the passenger can travel in low kilometer and reach the destination within seven hours. This undersea project has been undertaken by the JICA (Japan International Corporation Agency). The construction of this project is stated at the end of 2018. The India is ready to welcome the fastest project. The construction work for the undersea project is taken for five years.


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